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Astroturf Field

Astroturf Field


  • Teams should specify the day and time they want to rent the field to the relevant person 1 (one) day in advance and create a reservation.
  • Teams at least 15 minutes. They are ready in advance and are prepared in the dressing room allocated to them. It is not appropriate to dress or leave belongings outside the dressing room. Participants are advised not to bring valuables with them. No responsibility is accepted for theft or loss in the dressing room or on the field.
  • The teams hand over the fee to the attendant before the match starts and they keep the locker room keys. It is not appropriate to speak loudly and abusively during the match. Appropriate behavior should be taken during the activity and the warnings of the personnel in charge should be taken into account.
  • Consumption of food and beverages other than water is prohibited in the field. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the site.
  • Lost materials and found items are delivered to the lost and found department.


  1. The lockers in the dressing rooms are for daily use. Users must empty these lockers when leaving the facility.
  2. For hygiene and safety reasons, all items should be placed in the locker (shoes, etc.). No items should be left out of the closet.
  3. For safety reasons, valuables should not be kept in the cabinets.
  4. The Sports Center cannot be held responsible for lost or forgotten items.