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Spor Center

Our FIBA ​​approved Indoor Sports Hall;

It offers a suitable ground for basketball, volleyball and futsal games.


  • It is obligatory to wear sports shoes that are suitable for sports areas and that have not been used outside.
  • It is forbidden to hang on the basketball hoop, to play with the weights of the hoop, to move the hoop, to interfere with the installation of the hoop.
  • It is forbidden to hang on the volleyball net, to move the poles and to interfere with the installation of the net.
  • It is forbidden to hit the volleyball and basketball ball with the foot and to use it for other than its intended purpose.
  • It is forbidden to speak loudly in the hall and to talk on a cell phone.
  • It is forbidden to step on the tribune seats with your feet.
  • Garbage etc. Please do not throw it away.
  • Do not leave your valuables in the locker rooms. Our facility is not responsible for the lost or stolen belongings of the members.
  • It is forbidden to consume food and drink in the stands.


  1. The lockers in the dressing rooms are for daily use. Users must empty these lockers when leaving the facility.
  2. For hygiene and safety reasons, all items should be placed in the locker (shoes, etc.). No items should be left out of the closet.
  3. For safety reasons, valuables should not be kept in the cabinets.
  4. The Sports Center cannot be held responsible for lost or forgotten items.